Say Hello to Our Marketing & Events Firm

Here at Willems, the UnAgency, we built our team to be a seamless extension of your staff. Our folks know their stuff when it comes to all things integrated marketing and, just as important, they have great personalities and people skills, too. Get to know a little more about the faces that make up our Appleton marketing and event firm.


Dave Willems
Principal and Founder
E: dave@willemsmarketing.com
P: 920-419-3550

A major supporter of the Fox Cities community, Dave enjoys working with non-profit groups and has volunteered to serve on more than a few boards and committees. Read more

Paul Willems

Paul Willems
COO and Principal Emeritus
E: paul@willemsmarketing.com

In his longstanding role with the firm, Paul headed up administrative and development efforts for the company, worked closely with team members and clients to ensure quality control and oversaw the company's direct marketing venture – Money Saver Magazine. Now retired, Paul continues to advise on business matters and the company’s growing Mile of Music venture. Read more


Mike Van Thull
E: mike@willemsmarketing.com
P: 920-841-1414

Mike is a ciritical player at Team Willems who works closely with company principal Dave and all other colleagues to assist with projects and ensure the smooth running of our company.Read more

Aaron Duesterhoeft
Audio Engineer/Production Manager
E: aaron@mileofmusic.com or shstudios14@gmail.com
P: 608-334-3990

Aaron is a Fox Valley native who has been dabbling in music, recording, and live audio for over 15 years, and has been making a living at it for 10+ years.Read more

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Melissa Freeman
Venue & Artist Relations
E: melissa@willemsmarketing.com

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Cindy Klein
Accountant/Office Manager
E: cindy@willemsmarketing.com
P: 920-831-6580

Multi-tasking comes easily to Cindy through years of practice while running twenty+ companies.Read more

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Clayton Lindbom
Graphic Designer
E: clayton@willemsmarketing.com

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Kim (Willems) Mauthe
Social Media Specialist
E: kim@willemsmarketing.com

Getting her start in social media as the face behind several accounts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Kim applies the skills she gained from her multi-semester internship to now coordinating the overall social efforts for Mile of Music.Read more


Ian Thomson
Director, Operations, Talent & Partnerships
E: ian@willemsmarketing.com

Originally from Allentown, PA, Ian is one righteous, laid back human being who loves all things live music.Read more

Brenda Timm

Brenda Timm
Vice President - Strategic Communication & Online Services
E: brenda@willemsmarketing.com

Incredibly thorough and detail-oriented, Brenda handles every project and client interaction with the highest level of dedication and professionalism.Read more