What's your guess for the biggest factor affecting brand loyalty? With today's thrifty shoppers, price would be a good prediction, but according to a recent study shared by MarketingProfs, the top influencer is quality. The study analyzed the buying habits of 2,000+ participants and found that 80% were influenced by the quality of a product or service while just 47% were motivated by a sale or discount. It also classified 26% of the respondents as "brand enthusiasts" - people who said they make nearly all relevant purchases from preferred brands and are likely to recommend those brands to friends. Brand backers are good to have on board as they're nearly four times more likely than non-enthusiasts to spend significant amounts on a favorite brand. Plus, they're plugged in ... 51% say their last purchase was initiated by an email and 44% report they've "liked" a brand on Facebook. How about your business? Who are your brand enthusiasts?