We consult with a lot of business leaders on a regular basis and the topic of starting a blog regularly comes up. There’s a common theme to many of these conversations: “We’d love to have one, but the thought of having to come up with content is overwhelming.” The fact is, even a small company with limited resources can make a blog happen. A big roadblock seems to be where ideas for new posts will originate. Consider the top sources in your industry and make a list of news outlets, thought leaders and other blogs to refer to. You can also tap in to your staff and ask for their help in generating ideas. Scheduling is another perceived obstacle. Put together a basic content calendar and start plugging in the ideas you’ve brainstormed with dates attached. Easy as that. When the writing process begins, you’ll often find that your topic can be broken down into many posts. See what happened there? You just addressed the concern of not having enough content ideas!