Just how much does having a really good headline matter? A lot. Two statistics featured in a recent blog post from CoSchedule shed some light: 1) 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 will typically click through to read the rest of the content; 2) Web traffic can vary up to 500% depending on the headline chosen. So how do we ensure our headlines have impact? A few suggestions include focusing on an intro that helps vs. tells (think of the classic "how-to"), gets straight to the point and uses strong words at the start and finish.  Another tip is to consider your distribution channel(s) and vary it up... what's appropriate for email content may not work the best for social. SEO is another factor if you're writing web copy and want to weave in a keyword or two. The bottom line: You might have a really great story to share, but if you don't have a headline that pulls people in, it may go undiscovered.