What kind of reader are you? When you get a message with a postscript (also known as the P.S.), do you skip straight to the end to get the scoop or patiently read the rest of the content first? People approach the P.S. both ways, and no matter which one is chosen, this final thought can have some real impact. So how can you use a P.S. in your writing? Here are a few suggestions. Use one to reinforce a product's main selling point or key feature. Another thought is to emphasize the call to action in the P.S. with a link for more info or contact details. Maybe you're extending a limited-time offer? Create some urgency with a quick reminder that gives the "respond by" date. One more idea is to introduce an extra bonus incentive. However it's used, the P.S. can be a great motivator in getting your audience to take action.