When we hear talk of a site’s bounce rate, what is the number that’s being measured? This refers to the percentage of people who land on your site, but don’t navigate beyond the first page. How does one “bounce” and what is the standard bounce rate? An infographic from Kissmetrics is a great resource. First of all, visitors can bounce by clicking the “back” button, typing a new URL, closing an open window/tab or letting a session time out. It’s not always a negative, as some people will bounce simply because they found what they needed on the first page. As far as average bounce rates, these vary by industry, but 40.5% is the average across the board. If you feel your bounce rate is on the high side, the big thing to do is ensure your page content passes the relevancy test. Beyond that, provide a clear navigation structure, limit pop-up ads and monitor page speed. It can be challenging enough to get new visitors to your site … do what you can to keep them there!