The way people are responding to video with a “gotta watch more!” attitude today and expanding their viewing habits across a multitude of screens is a pretty exciting thing. YouTube alone has grown to over a billion users. But how can you be sure that the stuff you spend so many resources creating actually gets consumed? Consider the 3 Ps: personality, placement and performance. With every video produced, marketers should be consistently infusing their brand’s personality. That means giving viewers a sense of what your company is all about and who the voice is behind it. Placement is also big, as the more avenues there are leading to a video (think links on websites, social channels and print materials), the better the chance for your audience to discover. And don’t forget performance. How many people are watching your video? Do they make it a minute or so in or all the way to the end? Video has become a great tool for marketers, and it’s even more effective when you factor in the 3 Ps.