As we write marketing content today, especially of the web variety, it can be easy to get caught up in trying to check all the boxes for that “perfect piece” … choosing a compelling headline, following the best practices for length/flow, making copy SEO-friendly, etc. But in our quest to get everything right, have we forgotten some of the basics? First of all, think of the process. The most efficient way to start writing is to have the research done with all the facts and figures in hand and an outline of ideas to work from. And how about readability? Sure, it can be fun to sprinkle in some fancy words, but it’s important to remember that many adults read at a middle-school level. Another biggie is proofing. While we are pushing out more and more content today, there’s still no substitute for a thorough read-through to avoid those troublesome typos and grammatical errors. The goals we have for our written marketing content may be evolving, but the basics for a good piece haven’t changed.