The way web analytics programs have evolved, we can now track just about any stat imaginable. Many people still focus on site traffic to check highs and lows, but there are several other areas that can be quite insightful. Here are two examples. 1) Traffic source. This gives a comparison of the percentage of traffic that came to your site directly as well as through organic search, social channels and referrals. What does it tell you? Here’s one thing: the higher your rate of organic searches, the more effective your SEO. 2) Pages per session and average session duration. These numbers provide a look at the bigger picture by detailing how many pages visitors navigated to and how long they stuck around. If you see that users don’t make it past one page (or one minute!), you may want to re-assess your content/design strategy. Many of the web analytics programs out there can go well beyond the basics if you dig deeper and use them to their full potential.