“The customer is in charge” is a good way to sum up today’s buying experience. As online shopping has expanded to include multi-device mobile purchasing, consumers now have more options and accessibility than ever before. The Global Total Retail Survey 2016 from PwC shares some interesting points. First up, while buyers literally have the convenience factor at their fingertips when browsing on their smartphones, 60% said price still ultimately determines where they shop. How prevalent is the shift toward web-based buying? In this survey, 54% of participants said they make online purchases on a weekly or monthly basis and 34% believe their mobile device will become the main tool they use for purchasing. One more stat to take in: 67% of respondents said that social reviews and comments influence their actions when shopping online. That’s a big number! Customers will continue to set their own terms for how and where they buy, and it’s important for us to keep up with those shopping preferences.