Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? For the giver, it can drum up some added publicity for business and boost sales. For the recipient, it’s all about the free stuff! But before you splash a special giveaway or contest on your website and social pages, be sure to consider a few important details. First off, check into federal and state guidelines and be sure your concept follows them. Next up: does the prize or incentive offered fit your target audience? Will it bring them value? If not, participation will suffer. Another factor — especially in our busy, multi-tasking society — is ease of entry. Make the instructions clear and simple and keep the required submission info to a minimum. People will bail if entry is too complex. On top of that, advertise! Increase your pool of participants by encouraging others to share the details with their friends and followers. And when the winner is announced, make a big deal of it! With some behind-the-scenes planning, giveaways can be more fun and effective for everyone.