3 12, 2015

Content to Fit the Customer Journey

December 3rd, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

As we write content that’s targeted to our audience, it’s important to remember that there are multiple phases in the buying process. Some customers may be new to our brand and just starting the research and comparison process while others simply need that final push to click “add to cart.” Whatever the stage, an

19 11, 2015

Getting More Emails Opened

November 19th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

As with most marketing tactics, the effectiveness of email has been questioned time and time again. But here’s the reality: In our mobile-focused, uber-connected world, people are paying attention to what pops into their Inbox. So how do you up the chances that your message gets opened? Start with a quick, compelling subject line. A […]

12 11, 2015

Holiday Shoppers Hit the Web

November 12th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT, Uncategorized|

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approach and consumers gear up to find some serious deals, what can we expect this holiday shopping season? The National Retail Federation fills us in with estimates based on a recent consumer survey. 1) Spending will reach a new high as the average amount a person […]

5 11, 2015

Keeping Tabs on Your Competitors

November 5th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

In today’s ever-changing business world, we all have a pretty good idea of who our biggest competitors are at any given time. But how well do we understand their strengths and weaknesses? Lucky for us, the web makes this homework a lot easier. Do you regularly monitor your competitors’ online presence and consider the messaging […]

29 10, 2015

Candid Feedback from Customers

October 29th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

Every customer wants to feel heard. Maybe it’s to vent about a bad product experience or perhaps it’s to share a simple suggestion that could greatly enhance a service. Whatever the feedback, it’s important for businesses to listen and seek out this kind of candid input. That’s because addressing any issues an unhappy customer has […]

22 10, 2015

Avoiding the Abrupt Web Exit

October 22nd, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

When we hear talk of a site’s bounce rate, what is the number that’s being measured? This refers to the percentage of people who land on your site, but don’t navigate beyond the first page. How does one “bounce” and what is the standard bounce rate? An infographic from Kissmetrics is a great […]

15 10, 2015

Enhancing the Event Experience

October 15th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

Putting on a great business event. There’s a lot of emphasis on pre- and post-event planning, but what about the things you can do to enhance the experience as it’s happening? For example, consider live streaming. An infographic from Formstack shows that 82% of an online audience found it helpful to actually see an event […]

1 10, 2015

Writing for the Reader First

October 1st, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

It’s a conundrum that comes up time and again when writing web content: How do you satisfy your readers and the search engines? While we want our web pages to rank well in engines like Google and Bing, the reality is that the human audience needs to remain the #1 focus. That said, the content […]

24 09, 2015

Storytelling: WNBA for the Win

September 24th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

As many marketers realize, few things are as compelling as personal stories. That’s what the WNBA is banking on as its “Watch Me” ad series kicks off this week during playoffs. According to the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, the women’s league isn’t where he hoped it would be by now — 18 years in the […]

17 09, 2015

The Makings of a Memorable Message

September 17th, 2015|THURSDAY THOUGHT|

The fact that there are so many messages competing for our customers’ attention on a day-to-day basis is something we mention a lot in this space. But if we take a closer look at the issue, what are some ways to make sure your content gets noticed? It all comes down to pulling people in […]